District 34 – Wellness Screening Registration Form

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Admin screening is on
09-15-2021 6:30AM - 10AM
09-22-2021 6:30AM - 10AM
09-29-2021 7:30AM - 1PM
Attea screening is on 09-20-2021 from 6AM to 8AM
Glen Grove screening is on 09-23-2021 from 6AM to 8AM
Henking screening is on 09-24-2021 from 6AM to 8AM
Hoffman screening is on 09-28-2021 from 6AM to 8AM
Lyon screening is on 09-14-2021 from 6:30AM to 8:30AM
Pleasant Ridge screening is on 09-17-2021 from 6AM to 8AM
Springman screening is on 09-13-2021 from 6AM to 8AM
Westbrook screening is on 09-21-2021 from 6:30AM to 8:30AM
Do you have HMO or PPO insurance?

Basic Screening

Basic screening includes: CMP, CBC, Lipid Panel, & TSH

Flu Vaccination:
Choose 'Preservative Free' if you have the following conditions: Pregnant, thimerosol allergy...
Please remember to fast for 8 hours. Black coffee, water, and plain tea are allowed.
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